Sentence Examples

  • Smith Woodward has observed that the decline of many groups of fishes is heralded by the tendency to assume elongate and finally eel-shaped forms, as seen independently, for example, among the declining Acanthodians or palaeozoic sharks, among the modern crossopterygian Polypterus and Calamoichthys of the Nile, in the modern dipneustan Lepidosiren and Protopterus, in the Triassic chondrostean Belonorhynchus, as well as in the bow-fin (A7nia) and the garpike (Lepidosteus).
  • Fin, Foramen magnum.
  • The anterior edge of the dorsal fin is furnished with a row of small rounded horny spines or, rather, tubercles, of variable number.
  • Sub fin., " the proof " of religion, " arising out of the two ...
  • In the article on Solon (ad fin.) it is shown that the Solonian reforms, though they made a great advance in some directions, failed on the whole.

What's another word for fin?

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