Sentence Examples

  • Phedre was the climax of her triumphs, and when she and her husband deserted the Hotel de Bourgogne (see Bejart ad fin.), it was selected to open the Comedie Frangaise on the 26th of August 1680.
  • Peter, Historicorum Romanorum Reliquiae (1870, 1906), and Historicorum Romanorum Fragmenta (1883); also articles ROME, History (ancient) ad fin., section "Authorities," and Liv y, where the use made of the annalists by the historian is discussed; Pauly-Wissowa, Realencyclopddie, art.
  • Sub fin., " the proof " of religion, " arising out of the two ...
  • Aulard, Les Portraits litteraires a la fin du X VIII" siecle, pendant la Revolution (Paris, 1883).
  • Renan, Marc. Antoninus et la fin du monde antique (Paris, 1882; Eng.

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