Sentence Examples

  • In magnificence of equipage and retinue the abbots vied with the first nobles of the realm.
  • Towards the end of 66 he arrived in Greece with a retinue of soldiers, courtiers, musicians and dancers.
  • He had his country houses and fisheries, and when he travelled to attend parliament his retinue amounted to upwards of ioo persons.
  • In the age succeeding the Mahommedan conquest the exilarch was noted for the stately retinue that accompanied him, the luxurious banquets given at his abode, and the courtly etiquette that prevailed there.
  • At Kandahar he planned a conspiracy against the government, slew Gurji Khan and his retinue, seized the city, defeated two Persian armies sent against him, and died a natural death in i715.

What's another word for retinue?

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