Sentence Examples

  • Evelyn's entourage shepherded her into the dwelling.
  • In the intervals of his campaignings and cruelties the sultan would amuse his entourage by exhibiting feats of strength, or compose verses, some of which were published under the pseudonym of Muradi.
  • Conciliation with Italy would expose the pope and his Italian entourage to suspicion of being unduly subject to Italian political influence of being, in a word, more Italian than Catholic. Such a suspicion would inevitably lead to a movement in favor of the internationalization of the curia and of the papacy.
  • He was crowned in the Sistine Chapel 3rd March 1878, and at once began a reform of the papal household on austere and economic lines which found little favour with the entourage of the former pope.
  • Otherwise, not one single name in the entourage of our Vishtaspa can be brought into harmony with historical nomenclature.

What's another word for entourage?

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