Sentence Examples

  • J'ai ouvert une grande quantite d'ceufs a differens temps avant et apres l'incubation, et je me suis convaincu par mes yeux que le poulet existe en entier dans le milieu de la cicatrule au moment qu'il sort du corps de la poule."
  • The Château du Milieu (1lth to 15th centuries) comprises the keep, the Pavillon de 1'Horloge and the Grand Logis, in the principal apartment of which the first meeting between Joan of Arc and Charles VII.
  • Of the Château du Coudray, which is separated by a moat from the Château du Milieu, the chief remains are the Tour du Moulin (Tothce.ntury) and two less ancient towers.
  • This attitude of the Wallace may perhaps be accepted as corroborative evidence of the humble milieu and popular sentiment of its author.
  • Hygiene became for pathology what "milieu" is for physiology.

What's another word for milieu?

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