Sentence Examples

  • Designers such as Diane von Furstenberg are known for their ability to milk your beach-time ambience, which is why so many of her designer bikinis can be purchased with complimenting towels, beach bags, and cover ups.
  • Whether you want to spiff up your home to sell or just to enjoy improvements yourself, these easy home improvement projects don't take a lot of time and make a big difference in the ambience of your home.
  • Most board shorts strive to reflect the calm and beauty of the ocean, and to that end, much of the apparel comes in bright, bold colors with plenty of palm trees and flowers for added ambience.
  • While it's true that there's no shortage of images of beautiful women wearing bikinis online, factors like colors and ambience play a key role in the mood and overall style of the image.
  • The 1998 album Adore represented an enormous shift for the band and introduced experimental melodic tracks, a darker ambience, and a wider range of vocals from lead singer Billy Corgan.