Sentence Examples

  • It is always dangerous to educate a really great mind in only one order of truth.
  • The education of girls has been much developed not only in the state schools but even more so in the convents, which educate more than half the girls of the upper and middle classes.
  • They had done much to civilize the natives and to educate the whites, and their expulsion, which was greatly resented by the Creoles, probably tended to increase the popular discontent and prepare for the overthrow of Spanish rule.
  • He was assisted by a council of bishops and clergy, and was represented in each province by a bishop. This imperium in imperio secured to the Armenians a recognized position before the law, the free enjoyment of their religion, the possession of their churches and monasteries, and the right to educate their children and manage their municipal affairs.
  • Rome took good care to educate the priesthood far above the status of the Orthodox priests.

What's another word for educate?

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