Sentence Examples

  • In 1890 he visited Berlin and Amsterdam to acquaint himself with the ways of younger theologians, especially with the Ritschlians, whose work he appreciated but did not accept as final.
  • Acquaint thyself with a physician before thou have need of him.
  • In the last part of his work he made a praiseworthy attempt to acquaint the Greeks with the character and early history of the Romans.
  • When therefore, on the 8th of October, Guizot, in an interview with Palmerston, presented what was practically an ultimatum on the part of France, "it was determined that this intimation should be met in a friendly spirit, and that Lord Palmerston should see the Ministers of the other powers and agree with them to acquaint the French that they with England would use their good offices to induce the Porte not to insist on the deprivation of Mehemet Ali so far as Egypt is concerned."
  • Crates of Mallus, one of his teachers, aimed at fulfilling the high functions of a " critic " according to his own definition - that the critic must acquaint himself with all rational knowledge.

What's another word for acquaint?

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