Sentence Examples

  • As such he survives in the Charos or Charontas of the modern Greeks - a black bird which darts down upon its prey, or a winged horseman who fastens his victims to the saddle and bears them away to the realms of the dead.
  • Meman women wear also the aba, or overcoat, which differs from that worn by men in that it has loose half sleeves, and fastens with two buttons at each side of the neck over the shoulders; it is embroidered on the breast, and adorned with gold lace on the skirts.
  • In the former the poison clearly fastens on the locality, and gradually increases its hold.
  • Lachmann, whose mind is full of the ballad manner, fastens upon this as an irregularity.
  • It fastens in front by a flap, having two small buttons or knots at the left shoulder, and seldom comes below the hips.