Sentence Examples

  • Midea appears to be the city of Midas, and the name is one more link in the chain that binds Mycenae to Phrygia.
  • Religion, according to the old definition, is the bond which binds the soul of man to God.1 It begins as the relation of a tribe to its God.
  • It is, of course, the verbal bargain that binds, and large transactions are commonly completed without witnesses, though before the contract or memorandum of sale passes the fluctuations of the market may have made the bargain, to one side or the other, a very bad one.
  • These rods assist in taking the weight, and the whole network binds the concrete together and prevents it from FIG.
  • 8 The knowledge of the peak, or of the one law which binds nature together, is perhaps denied to man.