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Another word for bankrupt

  1. To reduce to financial insolvency

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  2. To cause the complete ruin or wreckage of

      1. To find the total of; add
      2. To equal a total of; amount to:
      3. To equal a total of; add up to
      1. To bring to ruin or disaster; overthrow; thwart; defeat
      2. To cause to undergo ruin or disaster:
      3. To suffer destruction or ruin; become wrecked:
      1. (Archaic) To wreck or be wrecked
      2. To cause the ruin of; wreck.
      3. To subject to extreme mental or physical suffering; torture
      1. To cause the ruin or downfall of; destroy.
      2. To come open or unfastened.
      3. To open (a parcel, for example); unwrap.
      1. To destroy decisively; wreck:
      2. To attack, damage, or destroy with or as with a torpedo
      3. To attack, strike, or sink with a torpedo.
      1. To become unfit for use or consumption, as from decay. Used especially of perishables, such as food.
      2. (Archaic) To strip (a person) of goods, money, etc. by force
      3. To impair or destroy the value or quality of; ruin:
      1. To cause to come into forceful contact with something:
      2. To break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow or collision:
      3. To surpass or outdo by a large margin:
      1. To go below the surface of water or another liquid:
      2. To become lower in value or amount; lessen, as prices, funds, etc.
      3. To fall or drop to a lower level, especially to go down slowly or in stages:
      1. To cause the destruction or ruin of; destroy:
      2. To break into pieces; smash or burst:
      3. To cause to break or burst suddenly into pieces, as with a violent blow.
      1. To deflower or seduce (a woman) and, often, specif., thereby render her unmarriageable, disgraced, etc.
      2. To bring or reduce to ruin
      3. To cause (a building, for example) to be in a destroyed, collapsed, or decayed state.
      1. To destroy; kill:
      2. To bring to a required or desired state:
      3. To give (wood, for example) a desired or particular surface texture.
      1. To break apart the structure of, render physically unusable, or cause to cease to exist as a distinguishable physical entity:
      2. To break up or spoil completely; ruin
      3. To bring to total defeat; crush
      1. To tear down or break apart the structure of; raze.
      2. To damage (someone's reputation, for example) severely.
      3. To do away with completely; put an end to:
      1. (Ergative, figuratively) to divide into parts to give more details, to provide a more indepth analysis of
      2. (Intransitive) to fail, to cease to function
      3. (Ergative, figuratively) to render or to become unstable due to stress, to collapse physically or mentally

Another word for bankrupt