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Another word for receiver

  1. One who receives

      1. A person or thing that receives
      2. One that receives or is given something:
      1. A person or dealer to whom something, esp. goods, is consigned
      2. The one to whom something, such as goods or merchandise, is consigned.
      3. The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered.
      1. (Informal) An individual with whom one must deal:
      1. A person who succeeds or is in line to succeed to a hereditary rank, title, or office.
      2. Anyone who receives property of a deceased person either by will or by law
      3. A person who inherits or is legally entitled to inherit, through the natural action of the law, another's property or title upon the other's death
      1. One that receives a benefit:
      2. A person named to receive the income or inheritance from a will, insurance policy, trust, etc.
      3. (Law) A person for whose benefit a trust has been created
      1. The person to whom something is granted.
      2. (Law) A person to whom a grant is made
      3. A person or organization that is given a grant.
      1. (Electronics) An impurity, as gallium or boron, added to a semiconductor crystal to make a p-type semiconductor
      2. (Chemistry) An atom that accepts or incorporates a part from a donor, especially an atom that incorporates electrons to form a bond with another atom.
      3. One who accepts; specif., a person who signs a promise to pay a draft or bill of exchange
      1. A person appointed to count votes in a legislative assembly.
      2. One who counts votes, as in a legislative body
      3. A person who counts the votes in an election.
      1. A person who collects stamps, books, etc. as a hobby
      2. A person employed to collect taxes, duties, or other payments.
      3. A person whose work is collecting taxes, overdue bills, etc.
      1. A person or thing to which action, thought, or feeling is directed
      2. In object-oriented programming, a structure that combines data and the procedures necessary to operate on that data.
      3. A focus of attention, feeling, thought, or action:
      1. A ship, building, site, etc. that is the object of a military attack
      2. An object, such as a padded disk with a marked surface, that is shot at to test accuracy in rifle or archery practice.
      3. Any object that is shot at, thrown at, etc.
      1. A person who is tricked, swindled, or taken advantage of:
      2. One who is harmed or killed by another, especially by someone committing a criminal or unlawful act:
      3. A person or animal killed as a sacrifice to a god in a religious rite
      1. A person under the authority or control of another; esp., a person owing allegiance to a particular ruler, government, etc.
      2. One concerning which something is said or done; a person or thing being discussed or dealt with:
      3. A person or animal that is the object of medical or scientific study:
      1. A person to whom another's property or the management of another's property is entrusted
      2. A nation under whose authority a trust territory is placed
      3. A person to whom property is legally committed in trust, to be applied either for the benefit of specified individuals, or for public uses; one who is intrusted with property for the benefit of another; also, a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached in a trustee process.
      1. A person to whom a claim, right, property, etc. is transferred
      2. One who is appointed to act or speak in place of another; an agent
      3. A party to which a transfer of property, rights, or interest is made.
      1. A person who extends credit or to whom money is owed
      2. One to whom money or its equivalent is owed.
      1. A tailless rodent of the the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia genus, with short ears and larger than a hamster; the species Cavia porcellus is often kept as a pet.
      2. (Figuratively) A living experimental subject.
      3. (Informal) A person who is used as a subject for experimentation or research.
  2. A device for receiving

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