Sentence Examples

  • The only other occasions on which he was out of the Netherlands were in 1630, when he made a flying visit to England to observe for himself some alleged magnetic phenomena, and in 16 3 4, when he took an excursion to Denmark.
  • Taking for convenience a limited portion of the universe, we observe that in consequence of t he circular movement, the particles of matter have vortices.
  • While making these reservations, it is at thesame time right to observe that certain Italian communities were more advanced upon the path of independence than others.
  • We may be helped in assigning him his proper place if we observe that, almost invariably, he accepts certain beliefs which he forbears to press.
  • We may also observe here that, like Epictetus, he is by no means so decided on the subject of suicide as the older Stoics.

What's another word for observe?

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