Sentence Examples

  • The proliferation of websites, blogs and other Internet materials devoted exclusively to the genre may over saturate the information and contribute to reduced numbers viewing on daytime television.
  • The most satisfactory growth is maintained when the amount of water present is not more than 40 to 60% of what would saturate it.
  • It is found, however, that the same element has not always the same atomic refraction, the difference being due to the nature of the elements which saturate its valencies.
  • She ran her hand down his arm and side, unable to shake the desire to saturate her senses with every part of him.
  • To him belongs the merit of carrying out some of the earliest determinations of the quantities by weight in which acids saturate bases and bases acids, and of arriving at the conception that those amounts of different bases which can saturate the same quantity of a particular acid are equivalent to each other.