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Another word for intermediate

  1. Not extreme

      1. Having dominant or controlling power or influence:
      2. (Linguistics) Articulated in the middle of the oral cavity; neither front nor back. Used of vowels, as the u in cut.
      3. Of or constituting a single source controlling all components of a system:
      1. (Slang) Hard to cope with; difficult or troublesome:
      2. Occupying a middle or intermediate position between two extremes.
      3. Tending toward or characterized by cruelty or violence:
      1. Nearer the median plane or axis of a body or part
      2. (Mathematics) Being or relating to an average or a mean.
      3. Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.
      1. (Statistics) Designating the middle number in a series containing an odd number of items (Ex.: 7 in the series 1, 4, 7, 16, 43)
      2. Designating a line extending from a vertex of a triangle to the middle of the opposite side
      3. Relating to, located in, or extending toward the middle.
      1. (Linguistics) Of, relating to, or being a vowel produced with the tongue in a position approximately intermediate between high and low, as the vowel in but.
      2. Being the part in the middle or center:
      3. Middle; central.
      1. Of or relating to a stage in the development of a language or literature between earlier and later stages:
      2. In or of the middle voice
      3. Equally distant from extremes or limits; central:
      1. Characterized by the avoidance of extremes, as in politics or matters of taste
      2. Pursuing a course of action midway between extremes, especially following a course in politics that is neither liberal nor conservative.
      3. Alternative spelling of middle of the road.
      1. In the middle of the way or distance; halfway
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  1. Someone who acts as an intermediate agent in a transaction or helps to resolve differences

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Another word for intermediate