Sentence Examples

  • If your taste leans more towards contemporary design, you can try out Thomasville lines such as Portico, Canyon, Marrakesh, Pavilion, Patchouli, or Interlude.
  • At this period occurs a curious interlude in Moldavian history.
  • The peace of Amiens gave the country a little rest, and the Dutch got back the Cape of Good Hope and their West Indian colonies; it was, however, but the brief and deceptive coast;- interlude between two storms; when war began tution of 1805.
  • (the beautiful version of the story of the nightingale's death) is translated from Strada; while the scheme of the tedious interlude exhibiting the various forms of madness is avowedly taken, together with sundry comments, from Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy.
  • The Austro-Prussian alliance had been only an interlude in tile great drama in which the two powers were playing rivul parts.