Sentence Examples

  • He was of middling stature and dark complexion.
  • The rule is that on the first of the two months the seller of " futures " may, and before the last day of the second month must, deliver cotton against them, or, what comes to the same thing, buy back the " futures " on the basis of the price of " spot " cotton of middling grade.
  • I 3 Good middling Texas I o Good middling Upland I o Indian Cottons Fine Tinnevelly Fine Bhaunagar Fine Amraoti Fine Broach.
  • But what, it may be inquired, is the value of " futures " relating to " middling " cotton to a broker whose contracts with spinners are not in " middling " cotton?
  • The lowest grade tenderable used to be " low middling," but since October 1901 " good ordinary " has also been accepted.