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Another word for incisive

  1. Possessing or displaying perceptions of great accuracy and sensitivity

Another word for incisive

  1. Sarcastic

      1. Unsparing, harsh, or strict, as in treatment of others:
      2. Marked by or requiring strict adherence to rigorous standards or high principles:
      3. Stern or forbidding, as in manner or appearance:
      1. Having a thin edge or a fine point suitable for or capable of cutting or piercing.
      2. Having clear form and detail:
      3. Terminating in an edge or a point:
      1. Causing a stinging sensation; nipping:
      2. Injuring or capable of injuring the feelings; caustic:
      3. Of or relating to insects and certain other animals that wound the skin with a sting, mouthparts, or fangs.
      1. Capable of or designed for incising, shearing, or severing:
      2. Sharply penetrating; piercing:
      3. Injuring or capable of injuring the feelings of others:
      1. Able or seeming to penetrate:
      2. Keenly perceptive or understanding; acute:
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  2. Intelligent

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Synonym Study

  • Biting implies a caustic or stinging quality that makes a deep impression on the mind his biting satire
  • Cutting implies incisive qualities but also connotes such harshness or sarcasm as to hurt the feelings his cutting allusion to her inefficiency
  • Trenchant implies clean-cut expression that results in sharply defined categories, differences, etc. a trenchant analysis
  • Incisive is applied to speech or writing that seems to penetrate directly to the heart of the matter, resulting in a clear and unambiguous statement an incisive criticism