Sentence Examples

  • Add this factor to the difficulty with keeping instant coffee flavoring organic while also keeping costs low, and some coffee suppliers may be reluctant to venture into adding this product to their regular list of offered products.
  • Commercially available hummingbird food will often contain preservatives, flavoring agents, and nutritional additives, all of which are unnecessary and can sometimes cause illness in hummingbirds.
  • As organic produce continues to be in regular demand, however, the availability of instant organic coffee with completely natural and organic flavoring is likely to increase.
  • Both Early Times and Maker's Mark manufacture time-saving Mint Julep mixes that contain bourbon and mint flavoring, but a homemade Julep tastes far superior.
  • In some cases, it's a mix of water, sugar, artificial flavoring and some minuscule amount of actual juice, along with a token vitamin fortification.