Sentence Examples

  • Runners may use a lace lock method, looping laces under a vertical bar, using several diagonal criss-crosses near the top of the shoe, or looping the laces around themselves for the final tie to create lacing that is very secure and tight.
  • The lacing actually begins in the second to last eyelet, then utilizes an intricate pattern of vertical bar, then a diagonal, then swooping down and under the previous lace and forming another diagonal to create the web.
  • Sure, they may not spark the same sort of enthusiasm as a hit song or a your favorite tipple, but there's no denying the allure of a strand or two of unexpected pink lacing its way through a mane of healthy hair.
  • Fusion Grip outsole for excellent board control, the optional protective lacing system, elastic tongue straps, a full-length EVA midsole for flex and board feel, a medial air vent and Circa's tread pattern.
  • Lacing moves around from the front to the back, but the corset look on dresses stays in style and nearly always has a vague throwback to this peasant look, even if it's a high-style designer dress.