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Another word for drawn

  1. Physically haggard

  2. Pale and exhausted, as because of worry or sleeplessness

      1. Showing the effects of worry or anxiety
      2. Showing the wearing effects of overwork, worry, or suffering:
      3. Affected or damaged by wear or use:
      1. Suggestive or indicative of weariness, illness, or unhappiness; melancholy:
      2. Pale, dim, faint, etc.
      3. Faint or weak in a way suggestive of sickness or great weariness, sadness, etc.
      1. Having deep-set eyes or dark areas under the eyes, as from sickness or fatigue
      1. Exhausted or distraught and often gaunt in appearance.
      2. Wild and intractable. Used of a hawk in falconry.
      3. Having a wild, wasted, worn look, as from sleeplessness, grief, or illness; gaunt; drawn
      1. Looking grim, forbidding, or desolate
      2. Thin or emaciated:
      3. Thin and bony; hollow-eyed and haggard, as from great hunger or age; emaciated
      1. Showing the effects of worry, anxiety, or burdensome responsibility:
      2. Worn out by, or showing the effects of, troubles and worry; haggard
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