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Another word for dose

  1. To administer or add a drug to

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Another word for dose

  1. The amount administered at one time

      1. Lead or steel in small pellets, of which a quantity is used for a single charge of a shotgun
      2. Such projectiles, especially when fired in clusters, considered as a group.
      3. A small amount given or applied at one time:
      1. A way of applying or method of applying or using; specific use
      2. Close attention; diligence:
      3. A specific use to which something is put:
      1. A written order issued by one person, bank, firm, etc., directing the payment of money to another; check
      2. The amount taken in by a single act of drinking or inhaling.
      3. The choosing or taking of an individual or individuals from a group for some special purpose, esp. for compulsory military service
      1. An object used in making a determination or choice at random:
      2. (Informal) A large extent, amount, or number:
      3. The use of objects in making a determination or choice at random:
      1. A woman's dowry:
      2. The part of experience supposedly allotted to a person by fate; one's lot; destiny
      3. A person's lot or fate.
      1. The amount that a spoon holds.
      2. As much as a spoon will hold
      3. The amount that a spoon will hold, either level or heaped
      1. Material for filling a container, cavity, or passage.
      2. Anything that fills or is used to fill; esp., earth, gravel, etc. used for filling a hole or depression
      3. A piece of land artificially raised to a required level, as a railroad embankment
      1. Limit; bounds:
      2. The act or process of determining extent, dimensions, etc.; measurement
      3. A reference standard or sample used for the quantitative comparison of properties:
      1. Extent, quality, or size as determined by measuring; dimension
      2. Magnitude (extent or amount) determined by measurement.
      3. The act of measuring or the process of being measured.
      1. (--- Informal) The usual methods of dealing with a given situation:
      2. The use of an agent, procedure, or regimen, such as a drug, surgery, or exercise, in an attempt to cure or mitigate a disease, condition, or injury.
      3. (Film, TV) An outline or prose summary prepared before the script, giving the story with characters, situations, etc. but often without dialogue and usually without separate shots indicated
      1. The amount used in a dose
      2. The measured amount so administered or added; the dose
      3. Addition of an ingredient to a substance in a specific amount, especially to wine.
  2. *Venereal disease

      1. A sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococcal bacteria that affects the mucous membrane chiefly of the genital and urinary tracts and is characterized by an acute purulent discharge and painful or difficult urination, though women often have no symptoms.
      2. A sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococci, characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the genitourinary tract and a discharge of mucous and pus: it can seriously affect other mucous membranes, esp. those of the eye, as in a baby during childbirth
      1. A disease having its highest incidence among socioeconomic groups predisposed to it by a given set of adverse living or working conditions.
      2. A sexually transmitted disease.
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