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Another word for assert

  1. To put into words positively and with conviction

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  3. To defend, maintain, or insist on the recognition of (one's rights, for example)

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Another word for assert

  1. To maintain

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Synonym Study

  • Warrant , in this comparison, is colloquial, and implies positiveness by the speaker I warrant they'll be late again See also syn. study at declare.
  • Avouch implies firsthand knowledge or authority on the part of the speaker
  • Aver connotes implicit confidence in the truth of one's statement from one's own knowledge of the matter
  • Affirm implies deep conviction in one's statement or the unlikelihood of denial by another she affirmed her innocence
  • To declare is to assert openly or formally, often in the face of opposition they declared their independence
  • To assert is to state positively with great confidence but with no objective proof to assert that human nature will never change