Sentence Examples

  • It was a searching analysis of the financial and moral grounds on which the impost rested, and a historical justification and eulogy of it.
  • The sole justification for such a claim lay in the terms of the Treaty of London, which the Yugosla y s could not adopt as a basis without stultifying their whole position against Italy.
  • In Ma vocation sociale (1908) he wrote an explanation and justification of his career.
  • Scholars, like Colet, read the New Testament in Greek and lectured on justification by faith before they knew of Luther, and More included among the institutions of Utopia a rather more liberal and enlightened religion than that which he observed around him.
  • Regarded by Philo and Josephus, who are accustomed to seek a philosophical justification for the peculiar institutions of their religion.

What's another word for justification?

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