Sentence Examples

  • The result for Austria was a triumphant vindication of Metternich's diplomacy.
  • He published anonymously (though without succeeding in concealing the authorship) An Address to the People of New York, in vindication of the constitution; and in the state convention at Poughkeepsie he ably seconded Hamilton in securing its ratification by New York.
  • Hastings, A Vindication of Warren Hastings (1909).
  • In England's Confusion, published on the 30th of May 1659, in the True and Full Narrative, and in The Brief Necessary Vindication, he gave long accounts of the attempt to enter the house and of his ejection, while in the Curtaine Drawne he held up the claims of the Rump to derision.
  • The placing of her on the throne meant a final victory over ancient prejudices, a vindication of the new ideas of progress.

What's another word for vindication?

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