Sentence Examples

  • If you keep buying 'opportunities' like Mr. Stanislaw's Salvation Army box, you'll be too broke to answer the door if a real opportunity does come knocking.
  • "So, give it to something like the Salvation Army afterward," he suggested.
  • After a long interval salvation came from Scotland, somewhat unexpectedly, because although, along with its winter analogue of curling, bowls may now be considered, much more than golf, the Scottish national game, it was not until well into the 19th century that the pastime acquired popularity in that country.
  • Four of them are attributed to the archbishop himself - those on Salvation, Faith, Good Works and the Reading of Scripture.
  • The reason for this, Paul sees, is the influence of the claim made by certain teachers in Colossae that the Christians, in order to attain unto and be assured of full salvation, must supplement Paul's message with their own fuller and more perfect wisdom, and must observe certain rites and practices (ii.

What's another word for salvation?

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