Sentence Examples

  • The customs necessary for the preservation of the forests must remain in force.
  • Other remains which bear witness to tlae civilization of, the Mayas are the paved highways and the artificial reservoirs (aguadas) designed for the preservation of water for towns through the long dry season.
  • Several isolated efforts were made earlier than this; it is evident that there was a school at Lothersdale near Skipton in 1800 " for the preservation of the youth of both sexes, and for their instruction in useful learning"; and another at Nottingham.
  • The auditorium is in remarkable preservation, almost every seat being still in situ, except a few where the supporting walls have given way on the wings.
  • In 1880 the Cape government felt sufficiently strong to extend to Basutoland the Cape Peace Preservation Act of 1878.

What's another word for preservation?

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