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Another word for preservation

  1. The careful guarding of an asset

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  2. The act or a means of defending

      1. A room or division of a hospital set apart for a specific class or group of patients
      2. Any person under another's protection or care
      3. A means of defense or protection
      1. Any material or structure used for protection against radiation
      2. A person or thing that provides protection.
      3. A heavy metal screen attached to an artillery piece for the protection of the gunners
      1. Measures adopted to prevent escape:
      2. Procedures to provide such protection or defense
      3. Protection or defense against escape
      1. A protective stipulation, as in a contract.
      2. (--- Now Rare) A convoy or guard
      3. Something that provides protection against attack, loss, or injury, as:
      1. The title held by Oliver Cromwell (1653-58) and his son Richard (1658-59), during the British Protectorate
      2. One who protects; a guardian.
      3. A device that protects; a guard.
      1. Something that lowers the risk of pregnancy or infection, especially the use of a condom.
      2. Payment made by racketeers to officials or law enforcement to avoid arrest or prosecution.
      3. One that protects:
      1. Something that gives protection; a safeguard:
      2. The act or duty of guarding; careful watch; wariness; defense; protection
      3. Protection; watch:
      1. A fact or law that provides a full or partial exoneration of the defendant against the charges or claims made in a lawsuit or prosecution.
      2. Something that defends; means of or resources for protection
      3. Justification or support by speech or writing; vindication
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Another word for preservation