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Another word for trio

  1. A group of three individuals

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Another word for trio

  1. A combination of three

      1. The side of a die bearing three spots, or a throw of the dice totaling three
      2. A nickname for someone who is the third person in the family sharing his father's name.
      3. A male given name of modern usage, derived from the nickname.
      1. Control or restraint:
      2. (Hunting) A set of three, as of hounds; brace and a half
      3. A chain, rope, or strap attached to the collar or harness of an animal, especially a dog, and used to lead it or hold it in check.
      1. The team of horses
      2. A party or group of three.
      1. A section of a Pindaric ode consisting of the strophe, antistrophe, and epode.
      2. A group of three persons, things, ideas, etc.; trinity
      1. (Informal) A group of three engaged in sexual activity
      2. (Golf) A match in which one participant plays against two others, who alternate strokes on a single ball
      1. One of a set of three identical objects or copies.
      1. (Physics) A triquark.
      2. (Genetics) A unit of three successive nucleotides in a molecule of DNA or RNA that codes for a specific amino acid; a codon or anticodon.
      3. A collection or group of three, usually of one kind
      1. The area comprising the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Used with "the" except when attributive.
      2. The plane figure formed by connecting three points not in a straight line by straight line segments; a three-sided polygon.
      3. (Music) A percussion instrument consisting of a piece of metal in the shape of a triangle open at one angle.
      1. A group consisting of three closely related members.
      2. (Theology) In most Christian faiths, the union of three divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one God.
      3. Trinity Sunday.