Sentence Examples

  • In Rome the triumvirate decided to defend the republic to the last.
  • A later Jewish oracle (46-62) refers to the wars of the second Triumvirate of Rome, and the whole compilation seems to come from a Christian redactor.
  • War was at hand, but Montrose formed a party by " the band of Cumbernauld," to suppress the practical dictatorship of his rival and enemy, Argyll, who, he understood, was to be one of a triumvirate, and absolute north of Forth.
  • After the death of Lopez the government was administered by a triumvirate consisting of Cirilo Rivarola, Carlos Loizaga and Jose Diaz de Bedoza, until, in November 1870, the present constitution was formulated.
  • On the other hand, he made a violent speech in the senate in 55 against Lucius Piso, the col ' Caesar, at one time, offered him a place on the coalition, which on his refusal became a triumvirate (Att.