Sentence Examples

  • First introduced in 1996, and riding the trend wave ever since, Tickle Me Elmo was so popular during its first Christmas season that the stuffed Elmo originally worth under $30 sold for as much as $1500 at one toy store.
  • If you're looking to spend a little less and still bring holiday glee, check out Elmo's Tickle Hands, which your child can actually wear and hear Elmo phrases while experiencing a tickle vibration.
  • When tickled on any of his three tickle spots, the 15" tall Elmo now falls forward, falls backwards, slaps his tummy, slaps the floor, and kicks his legs in an escalating round of hysterical laughter.
  • "Tickle her Destiny!" he said.
  • She smelled of her own musk, strands of hair escaping her braid to tickle his face.