Sentence Examples

  • To hear that a celebrity is not cashing in on their kid's baby pictures to fatten their bank accounts is a little refreshing.
  • This is because there was worry that some owners would try to fatten up their pets in order to try to win the title.
  • Lip plumper products are relatively new and work in a variety of ways to fatten up those kissers.
  • Its highly nutritious leaves and stems are usually consumed by folding the sheep upon it where it grows, there is no green food upon which they fatten faster.
  • No longer deals with idolatry, but with the corruption of society, and particularly of its leaders - the grasping aristocracy whose whole energies are concentrated on devouring the poor and depriving them of their little holdings, the unjust judges and priests who for gain wrest the law in favour of the rich, the hireling and gluttonous prophets who make war against every one "that putteth not into their mouth," but are ever ready with assurances of Yahweh's favour to their patrons, the wealthy and noble sinners that fatten on the flesh of the poor.