Sentence Examples

  • Defects in their arguments have been exposed to view by those who are most concerned to defend their reputation.
  • There were moreover special local causes such as undoubted defects in the Natal administration.'
  • The defects of Descartes lie rather in his apparently imperfect apprehension of the principle of movements uniformly accelerated which his contemporary Galileo had illustrated and insisted upon, and in the indistinctness which attaches to his views of the transmission of motion in cases of impact.
  • He discerned their capabilities, studied their characters, and sought to remedy their defects by frank and searching criticism.
  • The town of Bourke, lying on the upper Darling, may be taken as an example of many of the interior districts, and illustrates peculiarly well the defects as well as the excellencies of the climate of the whole region.