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Another word for crevice

      1. (Anatomy) A normal groove or furrow, as in the liver or brain, that divides an organ into lobes or parts.
      2. A long narrow opening; a crack or cleft.
      3. (Medicine) A break in the skin, usually where it joins a mucous membrane, producing a cracklike sore or ulcer.
      1. A split or indentation between two parts, as of the chin.
      2. An opening made by or as by cleaving; crack; crevice
      3. A crack, crevice, or split.
      1. A cut or tear, esp. one that is long and straight
      2. A long, straight, narrow cut or opening.
      1. (--- Informal) The fissure between the buttocks.
      2. A slight narrow space:
      3. (Slang) Crack cocaine.
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