Sentence Examples

  • A great cleft runs right through the world: all creation divides itself into that which is Ahura's and that which is Ahriman's.
  • In the Orthorrhapha, in the pupae of which the appendages of the perfect insect are usually visible, the pupa-case generally splits in a straight line down the back near the cephalic end; in front of this longitudinal cleft there may be a small transverse one, the two together forming a T-shaped fissure.
  • The Yahweh, at a time known only to Himself, shall appear with all His saints on Mount Olivet and destroy the heathen in battle, while the men of Jerusalem take refuge in their terror in the great cleft, that opens where Yahweh sets His foot.
  • Of the streams which descend into the Buka'a, the Berdani rises in Jebel Sunnin, and enters the plain by a deep and picturesque mountain cleft at Zableh.
  • They give no certain information as to the sacred cleft and other matters relating to the oracle.