Sentence Examples

  • If your favorite flower is the Shasta daisy, and you love to have a bouquet of them to brighten up your breakfast nook in the summer, you might have to look elsewhere for a little pop of color and fragrance during the winter.
  • In addition, eBooks are not currently transferable which means if you've filled a Kindle up with your favorite books for three years and now want to give the Nook a try, none of your previously purchased eBooks can be read on the Nook.
  • They went to what had been a Nook sales stand in the center of the store and was blocked off for him.
  • Most remarkable is the presence of a number of beetles along the seashore between tide-marks, where, sheltered in some secure nook, they undergo immersion twice daily, and have their active life confined to the few hours of the low ebb.
  • Then there's this house, which must be built in order to have a nook of one's own in which to be quiet.