Sentence Examples

  • The healer stopped to rest and pushed immortal sustenance --small square water and food cubes - -into her mouth.
  • Katie watched her go, feeling better with the otherworldly sustenance in her system.
  • Semitic tribes wandered northwards from their home in Arabia to seek sustenance in its more fertile fields, to plunder, or to escape the pressure of tribes in the rear.
  • The milk given each day by each cow is entered in a book, and then made into butter and cheese, the cow-herds and cheese-makers having the right to a certain proportion of milk, butter and cheese for their own sustenance, and receiving a small sum per head of cattle for looking after them.
  • Time was when this area's families spent their lives here, from birth to death with the soil providing their sustenance and the earth the riches, at least for a few.

What's another word for sustenance?

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