Sentence Examples

  • He always eats the grain I leave for him.
  • He quotes Lafargue with approval: " The working-man who eats a sausage and is paid five francs a day knows quite well that his employer robs him, and that a sausage tastes well and is good food."
  • According to Sharp, all Dermestid larvae probably feed on dried animal matters; he mentions one species that can find sufficient food in the horsehair of furniture, and another that eats the dried insect-skins hanging in old cobwebs.
  • When lying upon the bank, it holds the fish between its fore-paws, commences at the head and then eats gradually towards the tail, which it is said to leave.
  • Salt is a luxury; "he eats salt" being said of a spendthrift.

What's another word for eats?

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