Sentence Examples

  • To these crops may be added peas, beans and many herbs and esculent roots.
  • A small esculent ally of the champignon, named M.
  • When Petty wrote, early in Charles II.'s reign, this demoralizing esculent was already the national food.
  • He further tells us that by the natives Virginieae insulae the plant was called "openauk," and that it is now known in European gardens, but he makes no mention of its use as an esculent vegetable, and, indeed, includes it among "plantae malignae et venenatae."
  • It suits many of the esculent crops, as onions, beans, cabbages, carrots, beet-root, asparagus, &c.; the quantity applied varies from 5 to to bushels per acre.

What's another word for esculent?

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