Sentence Examples

  • Function of circulating and distributing nutriment through the colony.
  • But these exceptional and dubious forms do not obtain nutriment by sending rootlets in a rhizocephalous manner into their patrons.
  • When entirely deprived of nutriment the human body is ordinarily capable of supporting life under ordinary circumstances for little more than a week.
  • A few of the lower internodes may become enlarged and subglobular, forming nutriment-stores, and grasses so characterized are termed " bulbous " (Arrhenatherum, Poa bulbosa, &c.).
  • The general principle in their preparation is to supply cutt;va- the nutriment for bacterial growth in a form as nearly g y similar as possible to that of the natural habitat of the organisms - in the case of pathogenic bacteria, the natural fluids of the body.

What's another word for nutriment?

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