Sentence Examples

  • They claimed to have done so in the spirit of good will and a desire to protect the privacy of the tipster.
  • Of the seventy-eight resolutions none is in any sense epoch-making, and their spirit is that of the traditional Anglican via media.
  • According to ' Yahweh's spirit, thought of as Yahweh's vital principle, as man's spirit is man's vital principle, is to be breathed into them, as, in Gen.
  • At the same time he reproduces their scandalous anecdotes in a quite uncritical spirit, and accepts unquestioningly the 4th-century tradition.
  • In the language of the Christian Church the word " infallibility " is used in a more absolute sense, as the freedom from all possibility of error guaranteed by the direct action of the Spirit of God.

What's another word for spirit?

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