Sentence Examples

  • Lilith, the blood-sucking night-hag of the post-exilian Isa.
  • Hag., 18 97, 44, 213), the results being embodied in a paper containing twelve pages of tables and upwards of 120 curves.
  • The vestibules have each two rulers, Zartay and Zartanay, Hag and Mag, Gaf and Gafan, Anatan and Kin.
  • G F 3° 3°30' 430 15 Oh Hag e Llantw itts ble :xicr, KeYns ‘%:*ca:7:7 °° d olerneo) y a g B r i s y Q
  • LAMPREY, a fish belonging to the family Petromyzontidae (from r rpos and Ww, literally, stone-suckers), which with the hag-fishes or Myxinidae forms a distinct subclass of fishes, the Cyclostomata, distinguished by the low organization of their skeleton, which is cartilaginous, without vertebral segmentation, without ribs or real jaws, and without limbs.

What's another word for hag?

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