Sentence Examples

  • Under-Arm Twirl: While this isn't technically a "step" as much as a "move", the foot pattern is as important as the rest of the body to execute it.
  • If you're in the middle of a large group of swing dancers, it may be difficult to remember that "LF FW RF WS HOH TwL" is what you meant to mean "Left foot forward, right foot weight shift, hands overhead twirl left."
  • Successful strippers have always had to "have a gimmick" in order to do well and keep the customers interested, so a number of them learned how to twirl their breasts in rhythm, thus twirling the tassels.
  • A basic part of any cheerleading uniform, spankies provide cheerleaders with coverage for when they kick, twirl, jump, and tumble.
  • Once you have your ballroom dress and shoes, you'll need to learn the ballroom dance steps that make the skirt twirl in that lovely way that only waltz dresses can.