Sentence Examples

  • The prom is a fun, exciting time in any teen's life, but questions like what to wear, who to go with, and how much money to spend can leave a kink in your happiness.
  • The fruit is pure and earthy with a mineral foundation that strongly evokes its Monterey origins along with a small dose of wild kink that is more like Pomerol than Central California.
  • Devoted exclusively to the BDSM, bondage, kink and fetish community, visitors can blog, chat and interact anonymously if they wish.
  • Kink-tailed cats, it should be added, are also known from Madagascar.
  • Cyrus and hi~ Persians paid little heed to the treaties which the Median kink had concluded with the other powers; and the result was I great coalition against him, embracing Nabonidus of Babylon Amasis of Egypt, Croesus of Lydia, and the Spartans, whosi highly efficient army seemed to the Oriental states of great value In the spiing of 546 B.C., Croesus opened the attack.