Sentence Examples

  • The ride was 1,200 feet long with a ride cycle of just over one minute long to travel more than 70 feet high, traverse a steep drop, go through the double corkscrew, and deliver passengers safely back to the station.
  • His spiral horns, twisted for three or four turns like a corkscrew, often reach the length of 30 in.
  • The field at the centre of a circular conductor of radius r through which current is passing is H = 27ri/r, (3) the direction of the force being along the axis and related to the direction of the current as the thrust of a corkscrew to its rotation.
  • KUDU (koodoo), the native name for a large species of African antelope, with large corkscrew-like horns in the male, Male Kudu.
  • 3 The lines of force are evidently circles concentric with the wire and at right angles to it; their direction is related to that of the current in the same manner as the rotation of a corkscrew is related to its thrust.