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Another word for philosophy

  1. The study of knowledge

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  2. A fundamental principle

      1. A statement proven to be or accepted as true:
      2. Conformity to fact or actuality:
      3. Sincerity; integrity:
      1. A statement universally accepted as true; maxim
      2. (Philosophy) A seemingly self-evident or necessary truth which is based on assumption; a principle or proposition which cannot actually be proved or disproved.
      3. A self-evident or universally recognized truth; a maxim:
      1. The act, process, or power of conceiving mentally; formulation of ideas, esp. of abstractions
      2. Something conceived in the mind or believed by a group of people; a concept, thought, or belief:
      3. The ability to form or understand mental concepts and abstractions:
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  3. A personal attitude or belief