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Another word for mine

  1. A source of natural wealth

      1. A rich mine, vein, or pocket of ore.
      2. A source of great wealth or prosperity.
      1. Soil, gravel, ore, etc. rich enough in minerals to make mining profitable
      2. Earth, ore, or gravel that is profitable to mine.
      3. (Informal) A useful or profitable discovery or venture.
      1. (Math.) A set of numbers or terms arranged in rows and columns between parentheses or double lines
      2. (Printing) A mold used in stereotyping and designed to receive positive impressions of type or illustrations from which metal plates can be cast.
      3. A papier-mâché, plaster, or similar impression of type, etc., from which a plate can be made, as in stereotypy
      1. A waterborne or glacial deposit of gravel or sand containing heavy ore minerals, as gold or cassiterite, which have been eroded from their original bedrock and concentrated as small particles that can be washed out
      2. One who places or arranges something.
      3. A person who places
      1. (Geol.) Igneous rock that solidified as a tabular body in a more or less vertical fissure
      2. (--- Chiefly British) A low wall, often of sod, dividing or enclosing lands.
      3. A barrier blocking a passage, especially for protection.
      1. A vein of mineral ore deposited between clearly demarcated layers of rock.
      2. Any flat deposit of valuable ore separated from the adjoining rock by definite boundaries
      3. A rich source or supply:
      1. A more or less continuous body of minerals, igneous or sedimentary rock, etc., occupying a fissure or zone, differing in nature from the enclosing rock, and usually deposited from solution by circulating water
      2. Any distinctive quality or strain regarded as running through one's character, or a speech, writing, etc.
      3. (Zoology) One of the thickened cuticular ribs that form the supporting network of the wing of an insect and that often carry hemolymph.
      1. A partial or initial payment of a cost or debt:
      2. A sum of money given as security for an item acquired for temporary use.
      3. Something deposited, especially by a natural process, as:
      1. An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.
      2. Hunted animals considered as a group; game.
      3. A rich or productive source:
      1. (Plural only) The internal mechanism of some device or system.
      2. (Plural only) The parts of a quarry or mine that are being (has been) worked.
      3. Plural form of working.
      1. An approach or entrance; specif., an almost horizontal passageway into a mine
      1. A hole formed by excavating.
      2. The act or process of excavating.
      3. A hole or hollow made by excavating
      1. One's lodging or quarters
      2. A place where digging or mining, esp. gold mining, is done
      3. An excavation site, as for digging or mining ore, metals, or precious stones.
      1. A long, narrow, often vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for mining ore; a tunnel.
      2. (--- Slang) Harsh, unfair treatment. Often used with the :
      3. A column or obelisk; also, the main, usually cylindrical, part between the ends of a column or pillar
      1. A cistern with a perforated bottom in the hold of a fishing vessel for keeping fish alive.
      2. (--- Naut.) An enclosure in the hold of a ship for containing the pumps and protecting them from damage
      3. A compartment or recessed area in a ship, used for stowage:
      1. An enclosed area in which animals are kept or made to fight
      2. Parallel Immobilization Technique
      3. A work area for mechanics, often below floor level, for repairing and servicing automotive vehicles
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  2. An explosive charge

      1. A contrivance for catching and holding animals, as a concealed pit or a clamplike device that springs shut suddenly.
      2. A device for sealing a passage against the escape of gases, especially a U-shaped or S-shaped bend in a drainpipe that prevents the return flow of sewer gas by means of a water barrier.
      3. (Golf) sand trap
      1. The hiding place used for such an attack:
      2. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise:
      3. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
      1. Alternative spelling of land mine.
  1. To dig for minerals

      1. To obtain (stone) from a quarry, as by cutting, digging, or blasting.
      2. To use (land) as a quarry.
      3. To extract (facts, for example) by long, careful searching:
      1. To make productive; cultivate:
      2. To bring to a specified condition by gradual or repeated effort or work:
      3. To function; operate:
      1. To infuse knowledge of or skill in by repetitious instruction:
      2. To instill (ideas, facts, etc.) into someone by repeated exercises
      3. To teach or train by putting through repeated exercises
      1. To mine in stopes
      2. To remove (ore) from or mine by means of a stope.
      1. To pivot (a movie camera) in a specified direction.
      2. To pivot a movie camera along a horizontal plane in order to follow an object or create a panoramic effect.
      3. To rotate (a camera) horizontally, as to get a panoramic effect or follow a moving object
      1. To move or progress by or as if by digging or tunneling:
      2. To live or hide in such a place.
      3. To live or hide in or as in a burrow
      1. To remove by digging or scooping out.
      2. To engage in digging, hollowing out, or removing.
      3. To form by hollowing out; dig
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