Sentence Examples

  • Becoming a freelance technical writer isn't an option for every aspiring work at home professional, but it can be a lucrative area of freelancing if you have the right mindset for this type of work.
  • One of the most important things to remember regarding any support group is that in order for your mindset to remain optimistic, your group should be more solution oriented than sympathy oriented.
  • In the past, non-vegetarians often pointed a finger at the plant-based diet and said that it didn't provide enough protein because the mindset was that people need meat for protein.
  • Of prime importance to the networks is the ability to pull in younger viewers and give them the type of programming they want, namely something updated that reflects today's modern mindset.
  • Due to increased awareness about sun damage, and a generally more protective mindset when it comes to parenting, an entire industry has emerged that caters to children's beach products.