Sentence Examples

  • The tale, which is almost identical with the Lohengrin legend, belongs to the class of the Cupid and Psyche narratives.
  • The bride sins as in Eros and Psyche, Freja and Oddur, Pururavas and Urvasi.
  • 2 The sin of Urvasi and Psyche was seeing their husbands - naked in the latter case.
  • Rohde, Psyche, i.
  • On the return of the Bourbons the painter was exiled with the other remaining regicides, and retired to Brussels, where he again returned to classical subjects: "Amor quitting Psyche," "Mars disarmed by Venus," &c. He rejected the offer, made through Baron Humboldt, of the office of minister of fine arts at Berlin, and remained at Brussels till his death on the 29th of December 1825.