Sentence Examples

  • The freshness of the new field which was opened up to the imagination - so full of vivid lights and shadows, light-hearted fun, grinding hardship, stirring adventure, heroic action, warm friendships, bitter hatreds - was in exhilarating contrast to the world of the historical romancer and the fashionable novelist, to which the mind of the general reader was at that date given over.
  • These smouldering hatreds burst into open flame about the year 1195.
  • You behold me gentle, a peacemaker, pure of heart, a mourner, hungering, thirsting, bearing persecutions and hatreds for righteousness' sake, and do you doubt whether I accept the gospel..
  • There followed the wholesale massacre of St Bartholomews St BarEve, in Paris and in the provinces; a natural con- thofomew, sequence of public and private hatreds which had August poisoned the entire social organism.
  • Added mistake to mistake; and the revocation of the edict of Nantes added religious hatreds to political jealousies.