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Another word for alibi

  1. A legal defense

  2. *An excuse

      1. The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction:
      2. A declaration made to explain or justify action, decision, or conviction:
      3. A fact or cause that explains why something exists or has occurred:
      1. To make allowance for; overlook or forgive:
      2. To grant pardon to; forgive:
      3. To apologize for (oneself) for an act that could cause offense:
      1. A narrative or record of events.
      2. A reason given for a particular action or event:
      3. A report relating to one's conduct:
      1. The act of defending against attack, danger, or injury.
      2. A means or method of defending or protecting.
      3. The act or an instance of defending a championship against a challenger:
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